Andrew Baker

Individual Design Director

What a journey it’s been! Growing up in Quincy, the last thing I thought I would end up being is a Coach. I came about my passion in fitness a bit differently than most. I was always an active kid and played baseball for quite a few years, but I was never a gym rat. In fact, I was a scrawny kid who would’ve been lost in any gym! After graduating High School in 2005 I decided to make the biggest decision of my life and join the military. I had no idea how things would change from that point and lead me to where I am today, but it is a truly defining point in my life. I spent seven years in the army, doing a tour in Iraq in 2007-08 and in Afghanistan in 2010. I learned a lot of things, none more important than how it changed my view on fitness and none quite as powerful as CrossFit. I first had my brush with it in 2008 when several other members of my unit annoyed me to the point of exhaustion about CrossFit and I decided to give it a shot. I’d say it was love at first sight, however, it’s the kind of love that comes up and punches you in the gut, causing you to question your sanity.  This first brush with CrossFit lasted six months until I had other obligations that took me away from it till my tour in Afghanistan. I was attached to a Special Forces unit in Afghanistan and as luck would have it, they had an especially intense passion for fitness. I picked up CrossFit at this time again and just ran with it. Upon returning from this adventure I immediately found a CrossFit gym in Fayetteville, NC. The gym I found was Redpoint CrossFit and this is where I found something I truly cared about, coaching. After working out there for several months I knew that I wanted to do with my life after the Army so I saddled up and got my CrossFit Level 1 Certification in October of 2010 and began working as an assistant trainer at RedPoint under fantastic coaches that I still admire to this day. I trained clients there for over a year and received two of my other certifications, CrossFit Kettlebell and USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach. Several other coaches at Redpoint CrossFit also introduced me to Optimum Performance Training (OPT) and I had yet another life changing moment occur; like I said, “What a journey!” OPT offers a Coaching Certifications Program (CCP) and I immediately fell in love with the depth of knowledge and expertise this program offers. I decided to take one of the first modules, Nutrition. (Aha! For those of you who know me already, enter my niche!) This certification was under Dr. Mathieu Lalonde and James Fitzgerald and I basically had my world turned upside down. (or right side up maybe?) This is where I found my second passion, nutrition. At this time I had just separated from the military and moved back to Quincy where I was extremely fortunate to meet the future owners of our local favorite gym, QTown CrossFit. This led me to partner with them for running my nutrition consulting practice, Your Food, Your Life and a very fortunate opportunity to continue coaching in CrossFit. Since then I am continuing my journey to be an OPT CCP Associate Coach and am in the progress of finishing their Assessment and Program Design modules with more great things to follow! I look forward to the opportunity every day to train and help people meet there goals at QTown in fitness AND health!