Travis Corrigan

Movement and Mechanics Director

Like other kids, I tried lots of sports growing up. Unlike other kids, however, I was terrible at every single one of them. So, instead, I raced motocross. It’s all I did, and like most motocross racers I know, the faster I was on a dirt bike, the worse I became at moving. Its a well-known fact that injury is a part of the sport. Throughout my racing career, I broke my left collar bone twice, my right collar bone once, separated my left shoulder requiring 4 surgeries over a 2 year span, broke my right ankle, a couple ribs, hyper-extended both knees, was knocked unconscious a few times, and suffered multiple concussions. I also collapsed my left lung in a car accident and tore my right MCL attempting to play football my senior year of high school. By the age of 24 I could barely walk or lift my left arm. I was riding less and decided I needed to do something else to get into shape, so I tried the Insanity workout. I enjoyed the interval aspect of Insanity, but quickly got bored with the workouts and my body always hurt for a while after each one. Then a friend of mine told me I needed to look into Crossfit. “You would like it,” was all I was told.
I found QTown’s Facebook page and saw that they were giving free introductory classes at the park. After contacting Katie and hearing it was the last day they were doing it, I went to my first WOD immediately after work. That was the first day I was introduced to proper movement exercises. The coaching was incredible, and this concept of movement causing and correcting pain, although a simple one, was the answer to my prayers. For the first time in my life, there was a chance I would be able to walk when I get older! I decided instantly I would do what it took to make sure I could afford to join, which meant putting motocross on hold and investing in my health and wellness. Over the next year, I was exposed to not only the world of fitness that is Crossfit, but also to the importance of mobility and performing daily maintenance on your body.  I was introduced to Dr. Kelly Starrett of I also attended a Wes Creech mobility seminar at QTown with Dr. Wes Creech. Dr. Creech’s seminar opened my eyes even further to this idea of using movement to heal and prevent injury. Since then, I have been learning everything I can about human movement and anatomy and have realized this crazy obsession; I want to help people move. I am literally obsessed with helping people move well and move often.  When I told QTown about what it was I wanted to do the amount of support I received was unbelievable and eventually led to the opportunity to join this incredible staff as the head coach of strength and mobility. I cannot thank everyone enough for helping learn, progress and realize this my dream. I look forward to many years of helping people move. My goal is to help people to first move well, and then move often.